Styling Your Home with Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta decor seems to be doing the rounds recently, but it has been a staple of home design that’s been around for hundreds of years. Terracotta has been used throughout history to bring a sense of style and comfort to the home across several cultures.

In fact, if you visit a historical museum, you’ll see that terracotta has been found in the ruins of ancient civilizations, which speaks not only to its durability, but also to its unceasing status within home decor and design. 


TERRACOTTA & WOOD  These two pair well; here, with a jade plant on a dresser. (via Farrow & Ball)

So what is terracotta, and why is it so popular within interior design?


What is terracotta?

The word ‘terracotta’’ (or terra-cotta) translates to ‘baked earth’ in Italian, which is an apt description for the process in which it’s made. It’s a type of fired clay, usually of a brown-reddish color that can be shaped into various ornaments or other household items. 

In some cultures, it’s been used to make roofing or floor tiles, bricks, cookware, pots and decorative accessories. 


Why do people opt for terracotta DECOR?

There are plenty of reasons why people love to fill their home with terracotta, and here are just a few of them…

It adds warmth

Bringing terracotta into the home adds a sense of warmth as well as luxury. The traditional reddish brown hue evokes a sense of the Mediterranean and gives a rustic, earthy feel to a room. 


It’s good for the earth

As the translation suggests, the clay used to make terracotta comes directly from the earth. It’s an entirely natural material, making it an eco-friendly and more sustainable option. With more and more homeowners looking to make earth-conscious changes, terracotta ornaments are the way to go. 


 Deroma Siena terra-cotta planter and mini terra-cotta Siena pots with cacti
Classic plant pot shapes updated with a textural look and matte finish, these are Deroma Siena planters , the Siena cone pot and Siena mini pots.


It’s timeless

Terracotta never truly goes out of style. While home design trends come and go, you can be sure that this material will always be cool. It’s a nod to historical design trends that can also perfectly tie together a modern interior. 


It’s budget friendly

To make terracotta, you simply need to wet the clay, mold it into the desired shape, allow it to air dry then blast it in a kiln. As it’s a natural material with a relatively uncomplicated manufacturing process, terracotta is relatively inexpensive to buy. 


Rare and exotic Kalanchoe in a standard terracotto pot. A simple plate serves as a saucer. (via Pinterest)

6 stylish terracotta interior design ideas 

Looking for ways to style terracotta in your home? Here is some inspiration for different ways to use terracotta decor.

1. Succulent houseplant TERRACOTTA pot display

Succulents are practically a must-have in the home. There are tons to choose from, from Aloe Vera to snake plants, more delicate String of Pearls and Echeveria plants. The latest interior design trend is to have an array of succulents together in one planter, using some for height and others that drape elegantly over the pot’s rim, like this burro’s tail pick.


Get The Look (via Gardens Illustrated)

Alternatively, you could use a single faux plant like aloe vera as a standalone feature in your terracotta pot. Either way, the rich green of the succulents’ leaves perfectly complement the traditional colors of the terracotta pots, making it a flawless display in the home. 


2. Flowering plant in windowsill

Got a spacious windowsill that needs to be filled with something? Go for a plant! Your houseplant will receive plenty of light in the window, making it an ideal spot for a leafy, blossoming plant.


In a windowsill, these long and unrestrained branches tipped with pink blooms also add a bit of privacy. (via Johanna Bradford)

A rustic terracotta planter and saucer will achieve this naturally stunning aesthetic. A real plant in a terracotta pot gives a homey and welcoming feel to a space; the saucer completes the look. Add a clear plastic saucer to hold any water that drains from the pot if using a saucer that’s not waterproof to prevent spills and potential damage to your windowsill.  


3. Succulents in embellished TERRACOTTA pot

Level your terracotta game up with a beautifully embellished pot. A twist on the classic rustic terracotta pot, embellishments can be a variety of motifs or adornments that are carved into or added onto terracotta planters.  


A few troca seashells match the texture and feel of this embellished terracotta pot with flowering Aoenium. (via Pinterest)

The added elements are eye-catching and can be a theme around which the rest of a room (or the garden!) is designed and decorated. 


4. Potted tulip bouquet

Do you love tulips? Try growing them yourself. They’ll last a lot longer when they’re left to grow in soil, and with proper care they’ll come back and bloom each year. 


(via Southern Living)

You can get terracotta clay pots that are particularly good for growing flower bulbs like these tulips. For extra interior design points, use moss to dress it up on top of the soil and up the sides. It’s a unique way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. 


5. Giant TERRACOTTA pot on a table

Another unique decoration idea is to use a giant terracotta plant pot in the center of a dining table. Of course, if your table isn’t too big, you can size the pot accordingly, but don’t shy away from a large pot that really dominates the room. 

architectural digest dining tablee with giant terra cotta plant pot centerpiece
A GIANT CENTERPIECE  Get the look with a potted artificial plant. (via Architectural Digest)

You’ll need a bigger plant to match the pot size and make sure that you look after it well. A huge, healthy, thriving plant looks fantastic as a table centerpiece. If you’re not much of a plant parent, opt for an artificial plant instead!


6. Deroma Modern Terracotta Cylinders

While there are traditional shapes and designs for terracotta pots, there are also modern takes that work seamlessly in contemporary home decor.

A sideboard topped with orchids, a tall succulent, and herbs, in contemporary Italian terracotta pots.


The cylinder shape is a minimal design that blends modern shapes with the traditional terracotta material. Use a trio, or any other odd number of pots, to create a dynamic accent. This trio uses two cylinders in different sizes alongside an oval planter. It’s a visually appealing display technique that works equally well when used outdoors. 


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