8 Chic Wedding Escort Card Displays and Table Numbers

From tablecloths to flower arrangements, down to the finer details like your escort cards and table numbers — each plays a special role in your big day. Escort cards, your escort card display, and table numbers are particularly fun to get creative with. There are endless design possibilities, so we’ve gathered some inspiration for you below. 

But first, let’s ensure that we know exactly what escort cards and place cards are and why they’re so important to get right on your big day.


tropical escort card table display with anthuriums and wood lanterns
This chic and tropical escort card table at an event in Cartagena includes a large basket filled with anthuriums. Next to it are smaller arrangements and wood lanterns for candlelight. (via Matthew Robbins Design)


What are escort cards (and why do you need them)?

You’ve probably spent hours poring over the seating chart, making sure that everyone can sit near someone they know. So now you want to be certain that everyone will make it to the right table on the big day. 

Escort cards do just that. 

When your guests enter the room, there will be a beautiful display of cards with a list of names and numbers that correlate to the table where the guest will be seated. All your guests need to do is find their name on your display which will have their table number. Each guest then just needs to find their assigned table at the reception, take a seat, and enjoy their evening! 

Escort cards are important to avoid any awkwardness or confusion when people are finding their seats. Assigning each guest to a table ensures each person has a seat, is seated with their friends or family, or with other guests that you decided chose as a good fit. You don’t want to have to worry about that on your special day. 


Escort cards vs place cards: what’s the difference?

The clue is in the name when it comes to the difference between escort cards and place cards. You can remember which is which by thinking that while escort cards escort a guest to their table, a place card guides them to their table and helps them find their place (or seat).

Met gala place settings for Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace
Place cards for guests Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace at a Met Gala with florals in silver julep cups. (via Raúl Avila)


If you’d like your guests to pick their seats at a table you’ve designated for them, then escort cards and table numbers are the way to go.

blue place cards on long reception table set with blue table linens and plates
A blue place card next to a diamond cut votive holder matches the vintage blue-and-white porcelain. (via BRIDES)


If you’d like to assign an individual seat to each guest, then you’ll need to use place cards as well. This can be beneficial if you’re serving a sit-down dinner and need to help wait staff identify guests with dietary needs. Similarly, you can make sure aunt Betty gets to sit next to her favorite cousin who lives across the country.


Just because your escort cards and table numbers serve a functional purpose, doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Quite the opposite, in fact! As with the rest of your wedding decor, the escort cards and table numbers can be displayed in an elegant and beautiful way. 

Stuck for inspiration? Here are a few display ideas that we love.



1. White & Green Escort Card Table

Having a minimal, natural wedding theme? Then you’ll love this simple, leafy display. The luscious green paired with crisp white flowers and pots brings a fresh, light feel to any room.

modern escort card table display with various greenery in white ceramic vases
MODERN ESCORT-CARD TABLE   Tiers of greenery make for a verdant backdrop. Crocodile leaves, ‘Green Goddess’ calla lilies, and Solomon’s seal sprout from the tall vases; clematis spills from those in the center; and moss sits in front. – Martha Stewart Weddings


For a modern edge, we’d recommend using glossy white ceramic cube plant pots. Mix up the pot sizes to bring even more dynamism to the display, with tall pots for flowers and branches and low ceramic squares for succulents and other shorter plants. 


2. An Abundance of Blooms

With roses being the symbolic flower of love, why not shower your wedding with them? We adore this escort card display, full of bold reds and softer pinks to really send home that message of true love. Adding a few candles to the display will take that feeling of romance to the next level.

vases filled with dolorful red roses and pink lisianthus on a wedding escort card table
Layered by color at different heights, these rows of flowers add color and wow-factor, starting at  the bottom with red ranunculus, followed by light pink roses, pink lisianthus, and finishing with red roses at the top. (via BRIDES)


If you’d like to recreate this stunning display, you’ll need some white ceramic cylinders to allow that red color to pop. Use different cylinder heights to create the rows of color. Keep the candles safe in some chic clear glass cylinder vases that tie in perfectly with your charming display.


colorful hydrangeas on a table as backdrop for wedding escort cards
A covered table topped with hydrangeas under a clear acrylic cover. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. a Hydrangea FLORAL backdrop 

One way to put a chic twist on your escort card table is to have a floral display underneath the cards. It’s a beautiful backdrop, unusual because it is on a table and not a wall. As your guests look down to find their cards, they’ll be greeted by this stunning tapestry of flowers.

THE CLOSE-UP   The escort cards on the clear acrylic pop against a backdrop of colorful antique hydrangeas. (via Style Me Pretty)

Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to use here, as they’ll create a sea of colorful petals. You’ll want to make sure that you have them around a few days before the wedding, to avoid a panicked last minute rush. So, to avoid any discoloration or wilted flowers your best bet is to opt for silk hydrangeas. You could even mix and match the colors to suit the theme of your wedding. 


a flower wall of pink anthuriums with guests names as escort cards
Anthuriums, each calligraphed with a guest’s name. (via BRIDES)

4. Calligraphed Anthuriums

If you want to move away from the traditional escort ‘card’ for something unique, then this escort ‘flower’ display will be perfect for you. Rather than writing names and table numbers on a card, simply write them on these beautiful flowers. 

pink flower wall display of calligraphed pink anthurium flowers
The tropical wedding’s escort card anthurium flower wall. (via BRIDES)


Again, real flowers would be a tricky one to get right, so save yourself the hassle with these stunning red anthurium flowers. Tie in even more color with these gorgeous peach and green anthuriums. Complete your display with these hanging glass tube vases that your guests could even take home as wedding keepsakes. 


5. A Place Among Herbs

Going for more of a rustic, earthy theme? Then you’ll feel inspired by this potted herb escort card display.

escort cards on mini plant stakes in rustic wood boxes with potted herbs
RUSTIC BUT REFINED  Calligraphed escort cards sprout from a mix of growing herbs in staggered wood trays. (via BRIDES)


Not only does it look great, but you can imagine the stunning aromas that come out of these herbs. Use wooden trays to really nail this rustic-chic aesthetic. 



Now that your guests know which table they’re sitting at, let’s mark the numbers with even more breathtaking designs. 


6. A Glittery Number

Make your table numbers stand out with an eye-catching glittery look. Contrast them against a deep red rose bouquet

a glittery 2 table number next to a classic dome of red roses
MIXED METALS A glittery gold number, a shiny copper mercury glass compote with a dome of red roses, and silver flatware come together on this wedding reception table. (via Rachel Cho Floral Design)

To recreate this look, opt for an antique copper bowl to hold your roses and arrange them in a classic dome shape. 


flower frogs repurposed as chic wedding table number holders
REPURPOSE FLORAL FROGS Stand up table numbers in a kenzan. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

7. Floral Frogs

If traditional card table numbers are more your style then make sure it can be easily seen with some handy pin frogs

You could slip in a few stemmed flowers alongside the card, if you’d like to dress up the display. 

cactus leaf on pin frog chic table number display idea
A cactus leaf with a table number is held up by a pin frog next to a pink and peach floral arrangement in a gold bowl. (via BRIDES)


8. Under a Glass Cloche

Cloches are trending in home and interior design, so they’d make a perfect and contemporary table number display. 

glass cloche table numbers with smaller flower bouquets
Set on a table among small rose arrangements, dinner candles, and other bell jars with flowers, one cloche holds a calligraphed sheet with the table number and assigned guests’ names. (via Style Me Pretty)

Place your card or number under the glass to bring a true beauty and the beast fairytale feel to your tables. You could even place more cloches filled with flowers or other decor around the table.


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