LED Candles vs. Real Candles: Which Is Best for a Wedding?

Candles are a vital feature of wedding decor, adding to the mood and creating an elegant and romantic atmosphere. Traditionally, real candles have been used to add beautiful lighting to a wedding. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and look beautiful when placed on a gold candleholder or in a lantern.

Another option is LED candles, which can create the flickering effect we associate with real candles without the risk of a real flame. There are even clever ways to feature them in the decor to make them look real. If you’re planning a wedding and wondering which candles to choose, this guide will help you decide between LED and real candles at a wedding.

LED vs. Real Candles

LED candles light up a space with a small LED bulb rather than a real flame. Some LED candles flicker, providing the real candle look we love. If your clients want to add a scent to their special day but don’t want the added worry sometimes associated with real candles, you can even find scented LED candles.

Real candles add a beautiful glow to a wedding day. The natural flickering flame creates a beautiful, calming, and romantic ambiance fit for any wedding ceremony. Real candles also come in different shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match them to add to the overall ambiance of the day. Here are a few types that you can choose from:

  • Votives: These smaller candles sit perfectly inside holders, such as antique gold mercury glass. Some also burn for more than 10 hours and can last throughout the wedding.
  • Pillar candles: Pillar candles like these elegant white options add a classic, traditional touch to a wedding day. They come in different colors, designs, and textures you can mix and match.
  • Taper: Also known as the candlestick, these candles fit seamlessly into various aesthetics and arrangements. If your client is looking for an elegant, sleek look for their wedding, taper candles like these ivory white taper candles are the way to go.

LED Candle Pros and Cons

When designed and styled correctly, LED candles can have a similar effect to wax candles. Let’s look at some of the pros of using LED candles for a wedding:

  • LED candles are reusable and long-lasting, so you can use them for multiple events.
  • LED candles are battery-powered, so they pose no fire risk, which may be a requirement for some venues.
  • LED candles can last throughout an entire wedding evening.
  • Some LED candles flicker, giving them the appearance of a real candle.
  • LED candles are a great option for people with allergies because they are typically unscented.
  • Because there is no wax, it’s easy to clean up LED candles after a wedding.
  • The only labor associated with LED candles is powering them on and off.
  • LED candles do not release fumes into the air.

Despite these advantages, there are some cons to consider before choosing LED candles for a wedding:

  • Along with purchasing the candles, you’ll also need to buy batteries or replacement batteries for them.
  • Even though there are some very realistic LED candles, they don’t quite create the same atmosphere as wax candles.
  • LED candles, especially those that do not flicker, don’t typically look like real candles. You may be able to make them look more realistic with a pretty candleholder.

Real Candle Pros and Cons

Real candles have long been used to add a magical touch to any special day. Sometimes, having the real thing is the best way to create your client’s desired atmosphere. Consider some of the pros of lighting up your clients’s wedding with real candles:

  • Real candles have a beautiful flickering effect.
  • Real candles add a physical warmth to the atmosphere.
  • Some candles last a long time, so they can burn throughout your client’s wedding.
  • Real candles come in different shapes and sizes. They look beautiful in lanterns and candleholders and as features in centerpieces on tables.
  • For some, candles also have traditional symbolism. In some weddings, the partners light a candle together to represent unity.

Before choosing real candles for your client’s wedding day, take into account some of the drawbacks they present:

  • Real candles pose a potential fire hazard, so some venues won’t allow them.
  • These candles also melt and drip, sometimes creating a mess that’s challenging to clean.
  • Real candles release fumes and scents that might irritate guests with allergies.
  • You only get a single use out of real candles, and purchasing new candles for every event can be costly.
  • Real candles are not ideal for outdoor weddings. On a windy day, you’ll have to keep lighting the candles when they go out.

Factors to Consider Before Buying LED or Real Candles

If you are planning a wedding and need help choosing between wax and LED candles, you can go through this checklist to help guide your decision:

  • Is the wedding inside or outside? LED candles may be the best way to go for an outdoor wedding or reception, especially if the weather is windy.
  • What atmosphere are you creating? Real candles add warmth and a romantic feel to the day.
  • Does your venue allow real candles? Some venues prohibit real candles because they pose a fire hazard. In this case, you’ll need to use LED candles.
  • Does your client want a lot of candles? Having many real candles can be risky — if your client wants a lot of candles, LEDs can be a safer option.
  • Will you be using lanterns? Placing real candles in stunning antique lanterns creates a radiant dancing effect that is challenging to mimic with LED candles.
  • How much is your client willing to spend? Purchasing bulk LED candles for a wedding can provide the desired ambiance without overspending.

Buy Wholesale Candles From Jamali Garden

Both LED and real candles add beautiful lighting to a wedding day. While LED candles don’t have a real flame, there are ways to arrange them to create a realistic look. Some also flicker to give off the movement of real candles. LED candles are easy to set up and a safer option if you are concerned about fire hazards.

Real candles add lovely, romantic lighting to a wedding day. Some partners prefer a real candle’s warm glow and authentic movement to complete their decor. Wax candles also come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, which you can arrange to create beautiful centerpieces.

Whether you are looking for LED or real candles, Jamali Garden has a beautiful selection to help you create the perfect atmosphere. Visit our website and shop for LED and real candles!