How to Decorate a Large Space for an Event

Large spaces can be a welcome challenge for any event planner. Lots of space means many opportunities to create fun and inviting decorated spaces. Bring excitement to large-scale spaces by making the most of these areas with strategic planning and great decoration choices. Some helpful design tips include:

1. Create the Vision on Paper

Before you begin decorating, develop a rough plan of how you’ll use the large space for your event. Consider the kind of event you’re planning, any specific themes or color schemes, and floor space. You can then draw out how to make the best use of the space.

Think of how you’ll divide the space into sections and the purpose of each section. Knowing what kind of event and space you’re working with is critical to planning well. For example, decorating a large, empty office space will require different planning than a wedding venue.

2. Break Up the Floor Space

Try creating smaller seating areas to break up the floor space of your large venue. Make each space unique with different lighting and decorations.

You could break up the visual space of a light-colored floor with a moor waves wool and jute rug to build the foundation of a seating area. Place chairs and sofas on the periphery to enclose the space, then add lighting like statement-piece Bordeaux barn rust look lanerns with black pillar candles inside on the floor between the chairs.

3. Adorn Large Walls With Grand Decor

Large spaces have expansive walls, which you can frame with beautiful hanging branch lights for soft illumination. Some other ideas for decorating a large wall at an event include:

4. Play Around With Sizes

Mixing and matching decor pieces by height is a wonderful way to add visual excitement to a large event space. For example, you can create a table centerpiece by combining tall flowers and vases, such as a realistic 38-inch mini pink magnolia spray and Camille grey luster deco vase, with shorter decor, like several smoke votive holders containing tea lights.

You can also group several different-sized lanterns together to fill the room. One option is to pair a 16-inch Montmartre aged white lantern with a matching 24-inch lantern and light them both with ivory pillar candles. You could take this design a step further by wrapping dainty LED cluster lights around the lanterns’ bases.

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