What to Splurge on For Your Wedding

What to Splurge on for Wedding

Just like anything else, a wedding budget is all about balance. Even if your budget isn’t a large one, you can still have more expensive elements as long as you know where to splurge vs. save. With the help of quality decor from Jamali Garden and a few other budgeting tips, you can make the ceremony and reception look luxurious without breaking the bank.

Budgeting for Your Wedding: Prioritizing Your Costs

The best wedding splurges vary from person to person. Perhaps the ceremony itself will be small, followed by a lavish reception. Maybe you want to invest in entertainment over a dream wedding dress. Sit down with everyone involved in planning the wedding, and make a list of the things that truly matter. You can use this list as the foundation for your splurging and saving decisions.

You should also consider the theme of the wedding when figuring out where to spend your budget. Make sure to think about the event’s aesthetic and ambiance when you establish your priorities. For instance, if you’re looking at a springtime wedding, you might set aside more money for statement flower pieces. Or, if you’re planning a rustic wedding at a farm, you might consider splurging on a hayride for the couple or the wedding guests.

Thinking Big While Considering the Details

You’d be amazed how much splurging on a centerpiece or another prominent decoration can enhance the entire event. For example, investing in quality candelabras to use as centerpieces provides effortless elegance. Plus, they serve as centerpieces and lighting at the same time!

Speaking of lighting, the way you light the wedding completely influences the mood of the event. When used strategically, lights can do most of the heavy lifting for your wedding atmosphere, letting you spend money on other elements. Think of the different ambiances that string lights and lanterns create – they provide a much more romantic atmosphere than overhead bulbs.

A similar principle applies to the wedding party’s wardrobe. Guests typically won’t notice the quality of jewelry or makeup nearly as much as they will the niceness of dresses and suits. This doesn’t mean you should ignore accessories entirely — just that you can get more out of splurging on a wedding dress versus spending money on a makeup artist. If you’re stretched for budget, you could save on bridesmaids’ or groomsmen’s outfits by simply asking the wedding party to wear some of their own clothes that fit a color or pattern theme.

A Full Selection of Decor at Your Fingertips

When considering your wedding costs, internet shopping can be a fantastic resource for decor ideas and price comparisons. At Jamali Garden, we offer event decorations for every occasion. Our wedding collection can be sorted by theme or decor type, inspiring you to hold an unforgettable event. Browse our selection of wholesale wedding decor today!