Centerpiece Ideas for Rectangular Tables

Succulents With Seashells Summer Tablescape
Magical Woodsy Centerpiece for Rectangular Table
Elegant Long Table Centerpiece Idea
Artificial Floral Centerpieces for Spring
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Rectangular tables, also known as long tables when connected, bring a sense of community to an event. When coupled with the right centerpieces, your event will leave guests feeling part of the family.

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1. Succulents With Seashells Summer Tablescape

Succulent Centerpiece Ideas

Succulents have become a trendy plant for both home and event décor. They add a flair of elegance to both floral bouquets and centerpieces without flowers.

Our faux succulents work wonderfully in a centerpiece since you can put together your décor ahead of time without worrying about breaking or watering them.

To create this summer tablescape on a long table, spread out three small to medium sized petrified wood plates for every 6-8 feet. Next, fill our 8-inch garden bowl with your pick of succulents. We used a mix of barrow grass, purple topsy turvey succulent, and this pre-made succulent bouquet. In a 10-inch glass garden bowls, add river stones and top with a mix of finger succulents, flocked pagoda succulent sprays, and an aeonium pick to add a pop of color.

Place the small bowl on top of the medium wood plate and the other about 1-2 feet away on the table. Somewhere between place this genuine barnacle. On the remaining two wood plates, add dark amber votive holders with tea lights along with a few decorative shells.

Finish the centerpiece by adding additional shells and candles throughout on the table.

2. Magical Woodsy Centerpiece for Rectangular Table


Woodsy Wedding Table Decorations

Escape to a whole new world with this tablescape. Crafted and captured by Ruffled, they used white anthurium sprays complimented by peach roses in this cement bowl with ferns.

This simple centerpiece was complimented with our mini milk bottles and square crystal candleholders, which tied together the crystal goblets in the table setting. These antique bronze mahal and taj square lanterns add a magical touch.

As an added touch, they strung seven of these long asparagus fern garlands together and draped them above the table. Ruffled completed the table with horn bowls at each table setting.

3. Elegant Long Table Centerpiece Idea


Elegant Centerpiece Ideas for Table

This simple yet elegant centerpiece is crafted using 5-inch and 7-inch copper bowls. Fill them with a ranunculus bunch and a few ornamental cabbage picks. Add faux rosemary sprays and white cosmos to give the centerpiece some intrigue. The balance of the white against copper will make both colors pop on your table.

Include a few candlesticks scattered across the table for romantic lighting and a horn bowl with moss for added greenery.

4. Artificial Floral Centerpieces for Spring


Pink Faux Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Set a colorful spring table centerpiece by using antique vases that will make a statement. In this floral centerpiece, we used this 6-inch antique copper bowl (shown at right), this taller antique black vase (center), and this curvy antique black vase.

Fill each vase with a mix of these cream peonies, pink peony flower bunch, pink rose bouquet, ranunculus bunch, grape ranunculus spray, and a full bloom peony. Create color diversity with this green hydrangea bunch.

Finish the tablescape with dark amber votive holders and faux oranges.

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