Planning an Elegant Fall Wedding: 4 Inspiring Ideas

Planning Elegant Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is all about change. Not only does the weather transition from warm to cold, but our childhood school experiences have trained us to view the season as turning over a new leaf. What better time to make one of the most important changes in your life? Saying “I do” at an elegant fall wedding will create an experience that marks a new adventure. While some couples prefer a rustic theme for their fall event, you can instead play off of autumnal drama with crisp and stark decor. Keep reading for inspiration for those elegant autumn nuptials.

1. Opt for Elegant Fall Colors

Autumn is one of the most colorful times of year — the world fills with deep yellows, oranges, purples, and reds. This season makes it easy to find inspiration for an elegant palette that creates an original statement. To keep the atmosphere refined, go for deeper yet muted colors like wine, mustard, teal, and navy. Whether you use these shades as a focus or an accent, you embrace fall’s inherent grace. Remember to use them in your wedding bouquet and floral centerpieces for the perfect finishing touch.

2. Decorate With an Autumnal Wedding Theme in Sophisticated Colors

Although fall inspires plenty of dark and deep shades, some of its more natural elements like leaves and pumpkins can come in brighter colors. Fortunately, we have access to paint and artificial decorations. Pumpkin and squash-shaped decorations save you the effort of coloring them yourself. But, if you can’t find the color you want, get them in their natural shades and use spray paint in subtle colors like white and beige. Fall leaves, whether natural or artificial, can get a coat of neutrals or metallics. The combination of fall staples and refined colors can create the perfect elegant fall wedding centerpiece.

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3. Embrace the Cool Weather

Many couples host their weddings during the summer months to take advantage of the warm temperatures. But, who said that only summer weather is good for a wedding event? While some people shy away from the chill associated with the colder months, you can make it your own.

Adorn the bride and bridal party in chic capes and shawls, and have the groom and groomsmen wear thick, sophisticated tweed. Offer blankets in your wedding colors for guests to use if they get chilly. Make sure to carefully monitor weather reports and provide the necessary items to keep guests and the wedding party comfortable.

4. Pick a Venue That Flaunts the Fall Foliage

Let nature do the heavy lifting for your ambiance by choosing a location with plenty of trees and foliage. Hosting an outside ceremony in a forest or at a farm lets you take in everything autumn has to offer during the special day. If you prefer an inside venue, look for a space with plenty of windows that look out to the season’s natural decor. These types of locations not only enhance the atmosphere of your ceremony and reception, but they also provide the perfect photoshoot setting.

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