Make This White & Green Wedding Bouquet

You’re going to love this white and green wedding bouquet. The white flowers include a bridal favorite, Lily of the Valley, along with ranunculus, calla lilies, snowball hydrangeas, and stock, while the leafy greens come from Dusty Miller and ornamental cabbage.

ranunculus lily of the valley white bridal bouquet
White & Green Wedding Bouquet

With the how-to below you’ll be able to create this white and green bridal bouquet for yourself. You’ll need the greenery and the four silk flowers, all available at Jamali Garden, floral wire, a wire cutter, and black grosgrain ribbon for a unique finishing touch.

white silk flowers for wedding bouquets
Dusty Miller, ornamental cabbage, Lily of the Valley, Calla lilies, snowball hydrangea, and ranunculus silk flowers.

· ranunculus
· Calla lily
· Lily of the Valley
· stock
· snowball hydrangea
· Dusty Miller
· ornamental cabbage

Tools & Ribbon
· floral wire
· wire cutter
· black grosgrain ribbon


white silk flowers for bouquet
1. Cut the leaves off the ranunculus stem.


silk dusty miller
2. Cut the bottom leaves off the Dusty Miller stems.


flower school
3. Begin with the snowball hydrangea stems. Hold two tight in one hand.


white and green wedding flowers
4. Add a ranunculus, Dusty Miller, and an ornamental cabbage stem, laying each stem in a spiral on top of the other stems as you add it.


white bride's bouquet
5. Add stock, continuing with the remaining flowers, including the Calla lilies.


calla lilies silk flowers
6. As the bouquet comes together, insert more Calla lilies to fill the bouquet.


white calla lily
7. Look at the bouquet to see where the Callas will look best.


lily of the valley
8. Add Lily of the Valley among the flowers in the bouquet.


silk wedding bouquet diy
9. Add Lily of the Valley to the outside of the bouquet.


faux dusty Miller leaves
10. Tie the bouquet with the floral wire. Then surround it with the leaves and tie them with wire.


floral wire
11. Cut the wire.


silk flower wire cutter
12. Trim the bottom of the bouquet with the wire cutter.


black ribbon
13. Tie the bouquet with the grosgrain ribbon over the wire. Tie a longer piece of ribbon over the first ribbon.


black grosgrain ribbon
14. Tie another long piece of ribbon to the bouquet.


fishtail ribbon
15. Cut the four ribbon tails at a diagonal.


lily of the valley bouquet
16. Adjust the flowers as needed.


white wedding floral bouquet
17. Your bouquet is done.