Light And Breezy Summer Style

Summertime, and the living’s easy – and your event decor should be appropriately effortless. Create a free-spirited and unfussy feel with lighter colors, chic-but-not-stuffy neutrals and airy textures that float in the breeze. From natural raffia palm trees and market totes to nautical candleholders, we’ve gathered our favorite decor ideas and tips for your summer events.


summer wedding decor raffia palm tree
1. Tropical style in the palm of your hand.

1. Raffia Palm Trees
Palm trees symbolize relaxing summer days. Channel that same energy, with a sophisticated yet playful twist, with raffia palm trees. Use the raffia palm trees to add to your event spaces with a stylish riff on tropical decor, perfect for summer or beach weddings. Keep the natural theme going with woven natural stick placemats, which perfectly accent island-inspired floral arrangements or plentiful fruit baskets. Our natural raffia palm trees and placemats also do good: they’re made by local Malagasy artisans through our partnership with Protegeons-Madagascar, an organization that supports sustainable development and fair trade in Madagascar.


summer wedding diy rope candleholder
2. Maritime looks. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Nautical Candle Holders
Use cotton venetian blind cord to add a nautical feel to your event decor. To create sea-worthy centerpieces, wrap glass vases with the cord. Tuck the ends under and then reinforce the rope with craft glue.


cowhide pillows
3. Luxe leather.

3. Modern Comfort
Leather goes light and effortless with white cowhide leather pillows. They feature rich tones of white, grey, and beige and can be placed on sofas, chairs and even the floor at events for a breezy and modern touch.


summer interior decor rugs and stools
4. A light touch.

4. Airy Pairing
Modern, natural, and chic without trying too hard – that’s just what the design doctor ordered for event decor this summer. Get the look with the perfect pairing of a soft white flavia rug and natural atlas stools. The neutral stools are perfect for low-seating, while the rug boasts a rich and creamy white color. Put the duo to work in cocktail spaces and after-party lounge areas.


seashell garden pots diy crafts
5. Bring the beach home. (via Martha Stewart)

5. Seashell Pots
Sailors used to arrange seashells in intricate patterns to make romantic Valentine’s gifts for their sweethearts back on shore.Take inspiration from this charming tradition by adorning low round cement pots with our genuine barnacles and other seashells in a range of sizes. They bring the enchantment of the ocean to land, making them perfect for seaside weddings.


nautical decor at home with rope
6. Show them the ropes. (via House & Home)

6. Unexpected Fishbowls
Decorate with rope in a fresh new way by placing coils of it in glass fishbowls and vases. A Wazon Gerber Rhombus Vase and a fishbowl vase are great choices to show the natural fibers of manila rope nicely. The fishbowl’s soft and curvy shape juxtaposes beautifully with the coarseness of the rope.


entryway decor idea
7. Welcoming sight. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Neutral Metallics
Metallics can be used as neutral, when polished pieces with a subtle shine are picked. A square aluminum vase fits the bill. Pair it with this bright and beautiful pink orchid for the entryway to your wedding or event space.  


destination wedding centerpiece idea
8. Destination wedding tablescape. (via Martha Stewart)

8. Airy Table Setting
Use a mix of natural textures and materials and light fabrics to create an airy and summery table setting that’s low-key decor done right. Choose white, natural, grey or cream table linens to create a beautiful base, and top it with a natural raffia runner and placemats. Complete the tablescape with light mango wood vases and bowls filled with silk flowers or fruit.


yellow rose centerpiece arrangement
9. A bouquet of roses. (via Real Simple)

9. A Study In Contrast
Place stiff-stemmed flowers like roses or mums in square cement containers for a gorgeous contrast. The understated square vases are an unexpected choice for corralling these delicate garden blooms.


summer straw tote bag
10. Summer’s it-bag.

10. Market Totes
Use these woven straw bags with leather handles and natural raffia bags to stylishly tote around party favors, bunches of wholesale silk flowers, farmer’s market fruits and vegetables, or bottles of wine. Both bags are handmade in Madagascar by local Malagasy artisans.

With all these natural textures and materials, and soft, neural colors, it’s easy to create and decorate effortlessly beautiful summer parties, weddings, and events.


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