10 Peony Wedding Bouquets & Centerpieces

Spring is peony season and the season is now even longer thanks to the availability of Alaska peonies. From peony wedding bouquets to dinner table centerpieces, here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate peonies into your weddings, parties, and celebrations.


1. Peony Wedding Bouquets

The inspiration for this wedding bouquet is Downton Abbey, hence its name. This “Duchess” bouquet has white peonies, garden roses, spirea, and ferns.

1. "Duchess" wedding bouquet. (via BRIDES)
1a. “Duchess” wedding bouquet. (via BRIDES)


A fall wedding stunner: the refreshing pop of red in the bouquet of the bride and her bridesmaids. These grand and gorgeous red tree peonies can get up to 8-inches wide.


bride and two bridesmaids with their bouquets of red tree peonies blush roses and plum-colored berries
1b. The palette was to include deep reds as well as some creamy ivories. When using two highly contrasting colors – white and red in this case – I wanted to make sure we avoided a polka dot effect and looked for a soft transitional color to bridge the two extremes. Here we used a muted blush rose and plum-colored berries. – Denise Fasanello


2. Cocktail Hour

A mix of vases holds these pretty cocktail hour centerpieces. “Cocktail tables are enlivened with patterned linens and voluptuous white peonies and anemones.” Get the look with this similar mercury glass vase and this aluminum vase.

2. Peony & anemone arrangements for cocktail hour. (via BRIDES)
2a. Peony & anemone arrangements for cocktail hour. (via BRIDES)


If you have rich wedding colors, recreate this look in our copper Cappadocia vase for “a trio of red peonies in full bloom… paired with romantic red roses for stunning cocktail hour décor.”


3. Red peonies & roses for cocktail hour. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)
2b. Red peonies & roses for cocktail hour. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)


For cocktail hour tables, a bar, an event tablescape with taller candleholders, a sideboard or nightstand at home, a glass julep cup vase is perfect for a few peony stems.


pink peonies glass julep cup vase
2c. The classic julep cup, reimagined in glass, holding a few peony stems.


3. Peony Wedding Centerpieces

“Don’t be afraid to be loose with your arrangements,” advises Putnam. Here, trailing amaranth, coral sweet peas, and paper-thin peony blossoms hang with pomegranates, almond branches, and persimmons in an asymmetrical design, all in a black nickel urn.

peony wedding bouquets centerpieces idea with peonies, pomegranates, and almond branches in a silver bowl
3a. Peonies, pomegranates, & almond branches. (via BRIDES)


A ‘black and white’ decorating theme is always chic. These black ceramic vases with a shiny glaze are great containers for arrangements of loosely arranged white peonies.


3c. White peonies in a glazed ceramic vase for chic ‘black & white’ style.


For classic wedding centerpieces, florists and brides love our lion handle urn. Arrangements of pink peonies, red gloriosa lilies, and red and orange ranunculus will add huge bursts of festive colors to your tables.


pink peonies red and orange ranunculus in antique black classic urn
3c. Pink peonies for spring and summer weddings. (via floralverde)


For the DIY bride, dress up round ceramic vases or round glass vases with with gold paper and a tied ribbon to hold it in place. Note the other pretty gold accents on the tabletop and how the metal is the perfect complement to the darker burgundy and purple hues in these floral arrangements.


peony wedding bouquets centerpieces in gold and burgundy colors from martha stewart weddings
3d. DAZZLING TOUCHES  Look closely at this table and you’ll spot the subtle, um, tie-in: ribbon-belted vessels. Encircle vases with bands of speckled paper first, then secure them with slip-knotted vinyl ribbons. Metal-rimmed china and gold flatware and shakers add gleam to the scene, while groupings of peonies, roses, clematis, begonias, scabiosa, and smoke bush burst with color. – Martha Stewart Weddings


At this Brooklyn wedding reception, a rustic garden urn holds a large floral arrangement of pink peonies, purple lilacs, and green viburnum, surrounded by tea lights in mercury glass votive holders and pillar candles in antique silver scalloped glass bowls.


10. Peonies, lilac, & viburnum in a large urn.
3e. Peonies, lilac, & viburnum in a large urn.


You can always find your perfect peony in our large selection of silk peonies, from single stems to large sprays, and premade bouquets.


1. “Duchess” bouquet by Amy Merrick, BRIDES. 2a. Peony & anemone centerpiece in similar Silver Diamond Vase by Sullivan Owen, BRIDES. 2b. Red peony & rose centerpiece in Bronze Flower Urn, Colin Cowie Weddings. 3a. Pomegranate, peony, & almond branch arrangement in similar Black Nickel Urn by Putnam & Putnam, BRIDES. 3b. Photo: Peter Tak. 3c. Classic pink peony arrangement in Glass Table Bowl by City Iris, Real Simple. 3d. Blushing blooms in White Glass Cylinder by Blush Designs, Real Simple. 3e. Coral, pink, & yellow centerpiece in Square Aluminum Vase, Style Me Pretty. 3f. Pink peony centerpiece, Florists’ Review. 3g. Peony, lilac, & viburnum arrangement, Rebecca Cole Grows.

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