The Ultimate Christmas Hostess Gift Guide: The Perfect Christmas Party Gifts for Hosts & Hostesses

Halloween is fading in our rearview, the weather is definitely getting cooler, and we’re well and truly embedded in the holiday season. Before we know it, we’ll be waking up on Christmas morning. 

It’s called the most magical time of year for a reason –– the Christmas period can be a lot of fun! Holiday shopping, listening to carols, decorating your home, reuniting with loved ones, and of course, all the fun events.


sugared cranberries and champagne
Sugared cranberries look lovely on a serving tray or on your bar. (via Pinterest)

To be fair, though, it’s not all fun and games. Giving gifts is a lovely feeling… but the process of planning what to get everyone on your list can be a bit of a hassle. 


celestial theme christmas tree in diy silver pot
Party sweets sit on a table underneath a ‘Starry Night’ Christmas tree. (via Martha Stewart)

Especially when it comes to people outside your direct circle of loved ones, gift buying can be hit or miss. Of course, when someone plans a Christmas party, dinner, or event, you want to bring them a token gift of appreciation. But what makes the perfect host gift?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s our ultimate gift guide for hosts this Christmas, no matter the occasion. Browse our selection of Christmas decor! 



Baked goodies

If you’re a pro in the kitchen –– or even just know your way around a box cake mix –– bringing some home-baked treats is a thoughtful gift for any host. It shows that you’ve taken the time to put the effort in to thank them. 

nickel cake plate stacked with donuts
Tastefully stacked donuts on a cake plate look great on a vintage bar cart.

Elevate your gift by bringing the goodies on a beautiful cake plate, which the host can then keep. If you’re baking an elaborate-looking cake, a simple silver cake stand would be perfect. 


chocolate cake on crystal cake plate
Bake a cake or buy one they love, and present it on this pretty crystal cake plate.

Of course, you need to make sure that the plate you choose will go with their kitchen and home decor –– maybe a neutral crystal plate would be better, as it can seamlessly blend into any color scheme. 


A statement cloche

A glass cloche makes a wonderful host gift, as it’s a simple decor item that would look at home in any type of house. 

glass bell jars with scented candle and boxwood topiaries
Glass cloches make stylish accents and covers for a precious glass ornament or a scented candle.

A small cloche with a glass base could house a cute little succulent, while a tall cloche could hold flowers or other knick-knacks. They’re also a great way to turn unlit candles into stylish decor. 

They look great placed on a mantlepiece or side table, and your host will always remember you when they see it. 



Yes, flowers –– along with a bottle of wine –– are a standard go-to hostess gift. They’re always appreciated, of course, but you can take it up a level by bringing flowers in a vase they can keep. It also saves them from having to scramble to find a vase while already swamped with hosting duties. Win-win!

The best Christmas time flowers are amaryllis and roses –– choose them in reds and whites to lean into the holiday theme. Again, you’re going to want to keep your vase choice fairly neutral, to let the flowers shine and also ensure it doesn’t clash with the host’s decor. 

amaryllis and ranunculus red floral arrangement
Amaryllises, anemones, ranunculuses, carnations, gomphrena, viburnum berries, berzelia berries, and dusty millers in a white glass vase. (via BRIDES)


A simple diamond tapered glass vase is understated yet elegant, with the rich look of crystal. Otherwise, a wide, glass cylinder vase is a safe bet.


crystal look glass vase
Give them the look of crystal in a contemporary design, filled with flowers.

For a statement, you can’t go past this gold ombre vase with an uneven dent fixture, which would look great filled with fresh or faux red ilex berry branches; very holiday! 


divot gold glass vase with flowers
These unique divot glass vessels are great as vases or candle hurricanes.


A unique game

Gone are the days when a card game meant UNO or Go Fish. Now there are so many fun games out there, which make good low-cost but meaningful gifts. Plus, it’s always good to have a fun card game on hand at a party.

Exploding kittens is a classic favorite, while Cover Your Assets is a simple and fun strategy game for all ages. Even a simple conversation starter game like this Hygge-themed one is a unique and thoughtful present. 


Embellish your wrapping

Already got the perfect gift picked out for your host? Make it one to remember with beautiful wrapping and keep it festive.

Get your hands on some mini ornaments –– like these silver mercury ones –– and thread them onto the ribbon wrapped around your gift. It’s a simple addition but it really stands out. 

geode wrapped christmas gift embellished with mini ornaments
THAT’S A WRAP A gift wrapped rainbow-geode paper and tied with our cream double-faced satin ribbon that holds three of our mini mercury glass ornaments. (via Real Simple)

Or skip the ribbon all together, and wrap battery-powered string lights around your wrapped gift, for a super-festive touch.  


fairy lights wrapped around plain paper gifts
Tie fairy lights around gifts wrapped in plain paper. (via Real Simple)

Alternatively, if you and your host are more into minimalism, you can’t go past the simple combination of brown paper and twine for your wrapping. Add in a sprig of greenery –– eucalyptus is perfect for Christmas –– and you’ve got yourself some perfect wrapping. 


christmas cookies in embellished gift boxes
A large rubberband embellished with flowers or glittery initials, adds a personal touch to a gift box. (via Real Simple)

Not a fan of eucalyptus? We’ve got a whole section of Christmas picks, from gold fern sprays to pine cones and silver berries


Seasonal wreath

Surprise your host by having this delivered to their house the week before the party. A beautiful seasonal wreath is the icing on top of any Christmas party, and they’ll surely be appreciative that it’s one less thing they have to buy!


preserved boxwood wreath with ribbon bow
SEND AHEAD  A preserved boxwood wreath that includes a ribbon bow, is ready to hang right out of the box.

Opt for a classic boxwood wreath, or go a bit out of the ordinary with a bright red wreath made with only berries. We’ve even got a pine wreath with warm fairy lights woven through it –– perfect for a night-time soiree. 


CHRISTMAS RED Berries in classic holiday red hues are perennial decor favorites in garlands, picks, and wreaths.



Candles are always a safe bet, especially if you don’t know the host that well. Everyone loves a scented candle.


balsam and pine scented candle
A seasonal scented candle.

Again, you can add a little something extra to your gift by also giving them a beautiful candle holder. If you’ve picked out a handmade pillar candle, it will need a holder to catch the wax as it melts –– like this statement marble and brass bowl. 


grey pillar candle in marble and gold bowl
Add a cement hued pillar candle to a chic marble bowl.


Other great options include this dramatic reflective candle box which makes a great centerpiece or these antique-looking silver candle pedestals.  

For even more home decor items that would make a perfect host gift this Christmas, take a look at Jamali Garden. From pots and silk flowers to vases and lanterns, you’re sure to find something that will catch your eye!