How To Mix & Match Tones And Textures This Fall

Fall is all about rich, bold colors, and opulent textures. Inspired by the moody romance of the season, here are some ways to mix and match tones and textures this autumn.

Burgundy, greens, and jewel tones create these looks for the season, with feathers, vases, flowers, fruits, and foliage.

1. Play With Patterns

Create a dynamic tablescape by arranging leafy, colorful, potted plants, gourds, and squashes in metal trays.

squashes and potted coleus and potato vine in metal trays thanksgiving tablescape
1. POTS OF STYLE  Coleus & sweet potato vine in terra-cotta pots.


2. Embrace Burgundy And Green

Bold and dark color pairings are the duos of the season. Combine burgundy dahlias, celosia (cockscomb), and calla lilies, with green button mums and poppy pods in a birch vase to celebrate the rustic drama of the season.

2. Perfect for Thanksgiving.
2. BURGUNDY BOUQUET  Perfect for Thanksgiving. (via HGTV)


3. Prime produce.
3a. PRIME PRODUCE: Greens. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

3. Have Life Imitate Art

Capture the beauty of a still-life by filling a bowl with seasonal fruits and vegetables, sticking to produce in just one color to play up its various tones.

monochromatic fruit and vegetable centerpieces in antique copper bowls
3b. PRIME PRODUCE: Reds, yellow, and orange. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)


4. All-Natural: feathers and wood.
4a. ALL-NATURAL  Feathers and wood.

4. Opt For Wood

Showcase pheasant feathers in natural wood vases for a bold play on light and dark tones.


Use carnations in magenta, burgundy, and deep purple colors in square wooden containers for floral pops of color on your table.


aged pine wood cubes with carnations in fall colors
4b. CUBES  Aged pine vessels for carnations.


5. Pair Jewel Tones And Gold In A Centerpiece

Arrange Bordeaux-red roses, black dahlias, festive pomegranates and other fresh or silk flowers in a polished brass urn for a centerpiece that brings the drama this fall. Surround it with white tapers in gold candlesticks, or a branch candelabra, and colored glassware for a cozy and seductive tablescape.

a table for the season BRIDES fall wedding jewel tone tablescape
5. FALL  A table for the season. (via  BRIDES)


Here are more vases with fall floral arrangements we love for weddings, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.


6. Pick Everlasting Succulents

Faux succulents like star cactus, dudleya and echeveria will last all year, and no one will be the wiser that they aren’t the real thing. Play off the angles and place them in geometric containers for an arrestingly modern look.

fall home decor succulents in terrariums
6. CANINE ACCENT  Must-have succulents. (via Florists’ Review)


7. Refresh With Ferns

Rather than using them as an accent, put all eyes on a maidenhair fern by placing it in a shiny pot on your nightstand. When put in focus, the leaves of the fern resemble those of delicate flower petals.

domino mag bedside table with maidenhair fern plant in shiny metal pot
7. MAIDENHAIR  Soft and lacey, it’s a delightful houseplant. (via domino)


8. Add A Blooming Beauty

The days may be getting colder and shorter, but create natural resplendence indoors by placing a bright yellow potted orchid in a space that sees higher humidity, like the bathroom. This pretty orchid in a terra-cotta pot sits in a glass bowl filled with gravel.

real simple magazine bathroom with yellow orchid in terracotta
8. BATHING BEAUTY  Add a pretty orchid to a bathroom. (via REAL SIMPLE)


9. GET Cloche

Bell jars are an elegant and unexpected way to display keepsakes or sweets. They also make charming decorative accents: place scented candles, boxwood, or mossy arrangements underneath.

glass cloche with boxwood topiary scented candle fall decor


fall home decor indoors black planters with orange trees
10a. CITRUS  Grow your own. (via Pinterest)

10. Indoor Harvest

Bring the outdoors in with elegant citrus trees placed in large, dark pots. Or, get the look with a mix fo artificial lemon and orange trees.


modern fall home decor color potted citrus trees and topiaries
10b. FAUX FRUIT  The look with faux citrus trees and topiaries.


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