Host A Late Summer Movie Night

The cool air of twilight as the sun starts to set and the stars peek out – is there a lovelier way to watch a movie than outdoors on a late summer night? Share the joy by inviting the neighborhood over for a picture-perfect evening with effortlessly charming decor.

1. The Silver Screen
A good projector and screen are the crux of a summer movie night. You can buy a flexible pre-fab screen or easily create your own with two zinc cans.

lawn or garden outdoor movie night idea
“Now playing on a lawn near you.” (via Parents)

2. Lights, Camera, Action
The night requires lighting fit for Hollywood stars. Hang warm white Edison bulb light garlands for a glow with vintage charm.

Vintage-look, warm white LED lights.
Vintage-look, warm white LED lights.

3. Cozy Comfort
A relaxing summer movie night demands the utmost in comfort. Large square pillows are perfect for lounging on. Lay out some throw blankets too for after the sun sets.

printed raw silk ikat pattern pillow
Raw silk ikat pillows for lounging.

4. Sitting Pretty
Forget stuffy chairs. Set out a few of these seagrass poufs for an easy seating option.

woven seagrass pouf floor pillow
Extra seats.

5. Refreshments
Oval zinc tubs hold all the bubbly needed for an Old Hollywood starlet, while the design adds a classic touch. Just fill with ice and arrange bottles.

Keep libations chilled.
Keep libations chilled.

6. Indulgent Punch Bowl
“Instead of watering down your drink with ice cubes that are destined to melt, give the entire vessel its own ice bucket. Slip one glass container inside another, and put the ice between them. The effect is dramatic and guarantees that your punch retains its punch.”

DIY punch bowl ice bath. (via Martha Stewart Living)
Punch bowl ice bath. (via Martha Stewart Living)

7. Stylish Straws
Shimmering hobnail mercury glass vases hold straws and other essential items in style.

Flowers & festive straws. (via loverly)
Flowers & festive straws. (via loverly)

7. Clever Protectors
Knot the ends of an 18-inch length of polypropylene cord, turn upside down and pull loop through the pot’s drainage hole; now snacks are protected from strong breezes and curious insects.

pot covers for an outdoor food table
A second use for flower pots. (via Martha Stewart)

9. Classy Concessions
Delicate pink and yellow glass and shiny silver bowls hold chips, popcorn and other classic movie snacks for an elevated version of a movie theater concession stand.

Chips and dips in silver bowls. (via Martha Stewart Living)
Chips and dip. (via Martha Stewart Living)

10. Natural Platters
Inspired by the outdoor setting, let teak plates hold summer fruits, utensils, napkins, or programs.

natural teak tray
Tough as teak.

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