Illuminate Your Summer Decor With Lanterns

An ethereal glow for a garden party, romantic candlelight for a wedding under the stars, twilight enchantment of secret gardens – there’s no limit to the effect you can create with lanterns. A staple of summer decor, lanterns add beautiful depth and ambiance to any event.

Light up your summer with these five ways to use lanterns in your summer decor:

Moroccan Magic
1. Moroccan Magic.

1. Create Moroccan Magic
Whisk guests away to a far-flung fling in Fez with enchanting lanterns and exotic decor. Lush and boldly colored rugs, throws, ottomans and woven pillows turn any room into a warm and intriguing lounge perfect for intimate conversation, while antique gold iron lanterns look like they came straight out of an ornate palace’s treasure room. Group a collection of lanterns together on a center table, arranging the cushions and ottomans around it, then place a few lanterns on the rug in between seats for cozy and flattering light. Hang a few multicolor antique iron lanterns from above and light a bit of incense to complete the relaxing atmosphere. This Moroccan lounge can be used as a space for dinner party guests to enjoy a coffee post-meal, or in a unique reception tent for a wedding.


To Happily Ever After
2. To Happily Ever After. (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Illuminate The Path To Happily Ever After
When she walks down the aisle, all eyes will be on the bride – but be sure she has a soft, romantic spotlight when she makes the big entrance by lining the aisle with lanterns hung on shepherd’s hooks, like these elegant antique white lanterns. Use lanterns of varying sizes for extra charm, and if the wedding is bohemian, use matte pewter instead of basic white. Don’t just use the lanterns to light up the wedding ceremony; use them after to illuminate the path to the reception area or dinner tables.


Inspiration From The Sea
3. Inspiration From The Sea. (via Style Me Pretty)

3. Take Inspiration From The Sea
Calming, serene, and reflective, people are naturally drawn to the ocean. Using lanterns to create a peaceful beach wedding can conjure a seaside escape without the sand in your toes. Iron lanterns in soft brown and antique silver recall the shapes and colors of lighthouses and harbors. Use them as a centerpiece for dining tables, behind place cards, or on the bar. Stick with the sophisticated seaside scheme by pairing the lanterns with bowls and vases made with materials that have the look of ghostwood and elegant white seashells.


Secret Garden
4. Secret Garden. (via Brilliant Event Planning)

4. Cast Light On A Secret Garden
Combining lanterns and tree branches recalls the intimate moments of summer dreams: moonlit forest paths, sparkling, secret fairy nooks, and manicured English estate grounds. Whether for a garden party or wedding, use lanterns and natural elements to lead guests to the reception tent or dance floor. For a bit of fairy magic, hang moss and dozens of tea light holders filled with candles from tree branches.

Light From Above
5. Light From Above. (via 7×7)

5. Light Table Settings From Above
Using candles in your table settings is a classic look, but sometimes it’s worth it to take inspiration from above. Hanging lanterns above the table adds a new dimension to the setting, and it also bathes guests in a warm and flattering glow. Use a collection of different-colored lanterns for an eclectic aesthetic, or stick to one color for a more formal look. Enhance the vertical dynamics of the space by using tall candelabras as part of the table centerpieces.

6. Gold Lanterns to Elevate Your Event

Vibrant, classy, and effortlessly charming, gold lanterns make amazing decorations and centerpieces at any event. Fill an 11-inch Emerald-Cut Glass Lantern with a 3 x 9-inch Black Pillar Candle to give any graduation party a glow-up. Wrap your vessels in a cream passionflower garland to complete the classic grad color scheme.

If you’re decorating for the holidays, you’ll want a Bombay Small Square Gold lantern. Insert a 3 x 4-inch Ivory Pillar candle and surround it with ornaments and a pine garland or an evergreen of your choice. To top it all off, add a festive red ribbon and snippets of holly for a gorgeous centerpiece. 

Spring and summer weddings will make good use of this luxurious hue. Capture the romance and innocence with gold lanterns and urn vases. White, baby pink, and magenta floral arrangements are a gorgeous finishing touch to your decor.

7. Vintage Lanterns for Timeless Charm

There’s something inherently comforting about vintage decor. With a 5-inch Aged Brass Squar Lantern, you can easily bring a warm, romantic glow to your special event. Pair these vessels with other brass lanterns and deep tea lights for your wedding, cocktail parties, and other occasions.

For rustic wedding themes, place a 7 1/2-inch Alazhar Antique Bronze lantern on a 13 1/4-inch Bark-Rimmed wood tray. Fill your vessels with a magnolia and peony arrangement or succulents, and encircle them with tiny woodland animal figurines to create a stunning fairytale centerpiece.

Add a 19th-century touch with Brass Table Oil Lamps. These decorations fit in perfectly with its smaller versions, nautical themes, vintage weddings, and brass floral containers.

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