The Essential Guide To Outdoor Wedding Decor

Logistics of an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Decoration & Design Tips

There’s no denying that the tide is turning when it comes to wedding setups. 

Whether it’s a quiet rustic romance beneath the stars, or a full-blown outdoor summertime bonanza, alfresco weddings are in.

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outdoor wedding ceremony with white benches and flower lined aisle
Wildflowers for your wedding aisle. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)

With concerns over health and number restrictions, getting hitched in the great outdoors has become the go-to for couples who want to gather all of their nearest and dearest without the worry — whilst being ultra creative with their wedding decor

The sky’s the limit (pun intended) when it comes to outdoor wedding decor. From draping festoon lighting in the trees to lavish feasts and nuptial nightcaps outdoors. Couples can exercise their creativity and revel in newfound freedom. 

But how do you make your outdoor wedding achievable and stand out from the rest?


Logistics of An Outdoor Wedding

1. Prepare for rainfall 

First things first, consider the weather. You might have found your dream wedding venue but there’s always the possibility that rain may stop play. 

In this instance, always have a plan B prepared. Whether that’s a tent or marquee to host the ceremony or a barrage of umbrellas to hurl up when the heavens open, it’s worth taking steps to prepare for the worst. 


clear top wedding tent gold and pink wedding colors
A lot of wow: A clear top wedding tent. (via @sarahkhaneventstyling)

2. Familiarize yourself with the rules

As 2020 has proven, rules and regulations can get pretty confusing.

And, when it comes to something like organizing your outdoor wedding, you want to make sure you keep stress to a minimum. One way you can do this is to ensure you know the ins and outs of what’s legal and doable in 2021. 

Rules about the number of attendees, the length of the event and the location vary from state to state. So, make sure to familiarize yourself with the latest regulations in your state before you start planning.

The great thing about an outdoor wedding is that there’s naturally more space for attendees to move around freely and feel comfortable. You can encourage this further by setting up separate spaces for guests to sit and lounge around between the wedding and reception. 


Outdoor Wedding Decoration & Design Tips

3. Make a tablescape

But let’s forget about those dampening risks for a moment.

Picture this — a sun-drenched, floral-filled garden in the heat of summertime. All of your loved ones sat basking in the sun awaiting your aisle arrival, about to witness your marriage to the love of your life. 

That’s the vibe we’re going (and wishing) for in this piece, and we urge you to take on this positive outlook too. 

Outdoor weddings offer a world of inspiration. Pinterest searches for ‘small back garden wedding’ have risen 160%, and the gram grids are constantly stacked with pretty pictures of alfresco wedding setups. 

The common denominator (if you can call sumptuous style a denominator) in almost all of these posts, is a terrific dining setup. 


white wedding tent long tables with leafy garlands
Lanterns and votives are nestled around lush green garlands on long tables. (via @forloveoflove)

From rustic cutlery and candle holders to fronds of pampas and lavish linen runners, your taste knows no bounds at the outdoor table.  So gather your tribe and tuck into a delicious feast on a table dressed for kings and queens. 

Want to add a subtle, delicate feel? Try spraying gypsophila spray onto your table florals for a soft vibe — it banishes bald spots and gives the perfect tone for a relaxed dining setup. 

Pop them in a solid polished brass urn or a footed brass vase and you’ve got the ultimate table topper. 


outdoor dining table with pink roses
Festive pink and gold pop against nature’s green backdrop. (via Lonny Mag)


4. Use a gazebo or bandstand

Want that perfect open-air marriage moment? Why not frame it with a pretty gazebo or flower-draped bandstand for a beautiful backdrop. 

outdoor wedding ceremony decor martha stewart
Boxwood topiaries line the ceremony aisle. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

As well as being a decorative feature for guests to admire, adding a gazebo or bandstand will protect you and your guests should the weather take a turn! Always better to be safe than sorry.


outdoor stairs lit with candles
Light the way with lanterns and floating candles. (via BRIDES)

For even more aisle style, add some white wax floating candles or antique brass octagon lanterns around steps. This will bring an air of unparalleled extravagance to your special moment, with a burning time of seven hours. Imagine the sunset style. 


5. Upcycled furniture

Repairing and reusing materials is really in.

And that’s true too for weddings. More couples are incorporating upcycled furniture as part of their decor, creating a shabby chic focal point and laidback overall atmosphere without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wooden barrels are a cheaper but easy and hard-wearing way to provide mingling tables. Watch on as your guests mill and chat and rest their fizz glasses on your barrel tables or rest their phones when dancing calls. 

Perhaps you could put lanterns on them to illuminate a garden when the sun goes down — the opportunities are endless. 


6. Consider the costs

Wedding costs can stack up, we all know that too well.

With outdoor weddings, there is a huge reliance on more practical solutions. For instance, refrigeration, power, lighting, and parking all become super important. Meaning if you can save on other aspects of your day through sustainable style solutions (as above) it can make a real difference. 


7. Lay down rugs

Summer weddings will provide all the colors naturally, but if your venue or area needs some extra vibrancy, turn your attention to carpets or rugs.

They’re a brilliantly effective way to line the aisle or to simply provide an artsy backdrop for Instagram-getting guests. Inject a wealth of color with embroidered rugs like this one

If you’re a rustic romantic, rugs are the ultimate prop for making your soiree extra trendy, feeding into the latest Pinterest trend. Prepare for the pins… 


eucalyptus garland with pink roses outdoor wedding
A faux silver dollar eucalyptus garland bursting with pink and white roses, hugs a large tree trunk. (via @throneofgracefloraldesign)

8. Pick a spectacular surrounding

While there are so many decorative aspects you can play with in the outdoors, sometimes you can just let nature do the job for you. 

From waterfalls and lakes to mountains, beaches, and cliffs, our glorious earth is packed full of awe-inspiring natural locations. These spots will not only wow your guests, but will provide you with a memorable, meaningful place you’ll remember. 

Pick a stunning setting for your wedding and the rest will follow. When the place itself is gorgeous, you can pair back your decor and stay simple which sometimes, is best. 

We’re talking crisp white overhead linens and subtle fairy-lit trees. Very little effort on your part, but maximum impact. 


trees wrapped in christmas lights
Trees wrapped in lights add a magical touch. (via Ruffled Blog)

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