Thank you for downloading our Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about this fascinating subject and that you learn something new and interesting through reading it.

If you’re getting married, we hope you can take some inspiration from it as you set about designing your own color scheme. Remember that these guidelines and traditions are not meant to restrict you, but to provide you with a solid grounding in color theory and wedding tradition. From this starting point, you can travel in any direction you want.

If you’re a wedding planner, we hope you’ll take away some new information and inspiration from this guide. While you’re no doubt well-versed in all aspects of weddings and the planning that goes into them, you can never have too much inspiration. We hope to inspire you to continue creating gorgeous weddings and color schemes for all your clients.

No matter who you are, remember that wedding color schemes are about representing the happy couple, their relationship and what pleases them. There are no “right” or “wrong” color schemes. Any combination of colors can look beautiful any time of year. We hope our guide empowers you to feel the freedom to experiment with every color of the rainbow in every way imaginable.

Best of luck as you move forward with designing your very own wedding color scheme — and congratulations!