How to Create a Greenery Wall for a Backdrop

How to Create a Greenery Wall for Backdrop

How Do you Make a Greenery Background Wall
What Greener Can You Use in a Backdrop?
Making a Greenery Flower Wall
What Types of Flowers for a Boxwood Backdrop?
How to Arrange the Flowers in a DIY Grass Wall Backdrop
Other Decor to Add to a DIY Faux Hedge Wall
How to Use a Greenery Wall as an Event or Wedding Backdrop
Create a Greenery Wall With Help From Jamali Garden

A lush wall of greenery adds a unique touch to your venue — it’s customizable enough to suit an array of themes and event styles, and with faux or preserved greenery, artificial florals, and decor, it can last through several occasions. So how exactly do you make a greenery wall? If you’ve seen these lush displays before, you may be intimidated by their grand appearance, but once you know how to create a greenery wall for a backdrop, you’ll want to add them to every event space.

We’ve gathered tips on making a greenery backdrop for photoshoots, weddings, and other purposes, so you can get the best decor for any event. From making the wall itself to deciding where to put it and what other items to add, you’ll find these and other helpful tips for a moss, hedge, or grass wall backdrop.

How do you make a greenery wall

How Do You Make a Greenery Background Wall?

You’ll likely want to put these breathtaking decorative walls throughout your venue — but first, you’ll need to know how to make a greenery backdrop for photos, a feature wall, or other displays. These eye-catching decor elements often use several grass or moss mats for an entirely green surface.

Faux versions of these decor mats feature a grid on the back that makes it easier to construct and configure: with these grids in place, you can add other decorative items such as flowers, attach the panels to each other to make a larger backdrop, or attach them to other surfaces. Preserved varieties can have a similar construction but are made with preserved moss, boxwood, or other greens as opposed to faux. The result is often a fragrant decorative item that adds a very natural, green touch.

Along with the greenery mats, to finish your wall you’ll also need:

  • Two or more panels of plywood
  • Hinges
  • Hardware and tools to install the hinges
  • A manual staple gun
  • Additional decor items, such as silk flowers, garlands, or even unique accents such as feathers

Greenery walls can vary quite a bit in terms of size and grandeur. For a smaller display that you’ll hang or lean on a wall, you can simply use one panel of plywood for an easier setup. If you go with something grandiose to really catch the eyes of guests, you’ll need more supplies and a bit more time to build. Whichever way you decide to go, here’s how to make a grass wall backdrop:

  1. 1. Decide how large the wall you want needs to be.
  2. 2. Purchase enough faux greenery mats for the size you need.
  3. 3. Use two plywood panels as the base or more if you have a larger wall.
  4. 4. Hinge the pieces of plywood together with a small gap to allow it to fold.
  5. 5. Staple the borders of the greenery onto the plywood.
  6. 6. Add any other decorative elements.

The structure is easy to create, but you do need to know how to build a faux boxwood wall that’s sturdy and secure for the best result. Plywood can act as a very sturdy base for the greenery to attach to, and hinges on separate sections of plywood make it easy to fold, transport, and store. The hinges should allow the wall to fold back, so the greenery isn’t damaged.

Be sure that when you display the backdrop, it’s secure against a surface and flat on the floor, so the hinges won’t fold. Create and set up the wall so the hinged sections stand upright next to each other rather than a panel of plywood above the other, which helps ensure the wall won’t fall after setup. For an even sturdier setup, angle the panels of plywood slightly, just enough that the wall looks flat but can still stand.

If you don’t want to use plywood and plan to hang the backdrop from a bar, hooks, or another sturdy surface, there are other ways to keep the wall together. For instance, floral wire can connect the greenery panels at a few points along the sides until you get the desired size. Use decorative yet sturdy ribbons tied to the mat to hang and display the backdrop or decorate hanging hardware with ribbons.

Greenery for backdrop wall

What Greenery Can You Use in a Backdrop?

Knowing how to make a grass wall backdrop is only one part of creating this lush decor item. It also helps to know what types of greenery to incorporate to get the look you want for your event. To get more bang for your buck while still dazzling guests, you can use faux greenery that can be repurposed for other events and decorations.

If you opt for real greenery, find a square of preserved boxwood that will last through occasional sprays of water or a rectangular preserved moss mat, which comes in rolls as long as 25 feet. Whether you choose preserved or artificial elements, incorporate any of these greenery items into your backdrop wall for added appeal:

  • Mats: There are several different types of greenery mats to choose from. Boxwood mats in 20 by 20 inches are a popular choice, but some mats, such as a 20 by 20-inch purple boxwood mat, include leaves with some color that break up the green. For a wilder and even more textured look, choose a mixed greens mat that includes different artificial leaves and plants.
  • Garland: Use strands of greenery garland to finish off the edges of your backdrop or add fuller texture throughout the decor. Get garland that matches the mats in your backdrop, like preserved boxwood garland or faux boxwood garland, or add variety. Flowering boxwood garland looks consistent with a boxwood backdrop but features texture and small pops of light green or white buds.
  • Greenery balls: Add a three-dimensional touch with decorative boxwood spheres. Because they’re meant to be displayed, greenery balls typically have a flat side, which you can use to attach onto a DIY boxwood backdrop. Find these items in a variety of sizes, like faux 20-inch, 14-inch, or 12-inch boxwood spheres or four-inch and 16-inch preserved boxwood spheres. Use a combination of sizes for a fun and whimsical design that helps the wall stand out. Floral wire can help hold these decorative spheres in place, but be sure to secure them well, so you don’t lose any in storage or transportation.
  • Leaves: Customize a greenery backdrop with different artificial leaves to make the wall fuller or change its style. Monstera leaves and other tropical leaves add island inspiration, while hanging ivy gives a natural look that transforms a venue into a lush garden, and multicolored ivy vines that feature white and green leaves add another layer of dimension and color.
  • Succulents: These trendy greenery options give a backdrop wall unique texture. Succulents come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades of green to add a modern touch to greenery walls. You can arrange faux succulents as you would flowers in a greenery wall. You can even design a small panel for wall decor using only succulents, but for a larger backdrop, it’s best to use greenery mats as the base.

If you do choose preserved greenery in any of the styles above, note that most are only suitable for indoor use. Bright sunlight could cause the greenery to wilt, dry, or turn brown, which you don’t want for your event. While you can use real greenery in a boxwood backdrop, using artificial leaves and accents will ensure it lasts. You can put together this wall long before the event, so you won’t have to worry about preserving the decor.

Making a Greenery Flower Wall

Once you have a faux grass backdrop made, you can add flowers for more color and elegance. The process of adding flowers to a boxwood wall is simple, and the results are stunning. To take your greenery walls up a notch, here’s how to make a greenery flower wall:

  1. 1. Use faux flowers for the design.
  2. 2. Trim the stems to about two to three inches in length.
  3. 3. Stick them into the boxwood, moss, or grass wall.
  4. 4. Staple the stems to secure them.

Flowers for a boxwood backdrop

If you’re holding the greenery mats together with floral wire instead of stapling them to plywood, the flower stems can fit through the grid backing and won’t need to be trimmed as short. Some floral wire will keep the blossoms secure, but if you have a dense mat of greenery, that may keep the flowers snug enough to display.

What Types of Flowers for a Boxwood Backdrop?

The flowers you add to your backdrop depend on the style of your event and the greenery you choose, but your options are practically endless. Round, lush flowers work well for a boxwood backdrop or other greenery display because they look great from any angle, but you can choose what fits the theme of your event, as well. Some stunning combinations of flowers and backdrops include:

If you’d like to use the wall for other events, choose a background like faux boxwood to reuse with a variety of other silk flowers in the future. Boxwood creates a more neutral background than tropicals or other greenery, meaning you can switch up the decorative elements to suit various occasions and styles. A greenery wall will look beautiful with almost any type of flower you display, so if you can’t decide, use the event and venue for inspiration, and consider:

  • The flowers in other arrangements
  • The color scheme of the event
  • The theme of the event
  • The style of the venue

Go with your or your client’s favorite flowers or colors if there isn’t a clear direction for the theme or floral design already. You can also base the rest of your floral theme on what you have in a flower wall, using similar greenery and blooms in centerpieces and other arrangements.

How to Arrange the Flowers in a DIY Grass Wall Backdrop

Now that you have bunches of blooms ready to add pops of color and texture to your greenery wall, how should you arrange them? Flowers have plenty of uses and places to go on a backdrop wall, so use these suggestions as inspiration for some lush decor:

1. Decorate the Sides

Frame your backdrop with flowers on each side for a wall that stands out in a venue. This effect will work best if your backdrop will be a photo wall or altar since you’ll want to show off each side of the display. Keep the lines of flowers mostly straight in order to make a dramatic border or let it look more natural with scattered flowers along the edges. Combine this style with some of the suggestions below for a unique result, or feel free to keep it as a simple floral border.

2. Don’t Forget the Top

If you want a more minimalist style for something refined, line the top of the backdrop with flowers. Use floral garland for a simple addition or get a customized look and select the flowers you include yourself. Include hanging stems or branches of blossoms for a DIY grass wall that looks like it was plucked from a secret garden, or get a more dramatic look with a wider section of flowers at the top of the backdrop, whether it takes up a third, a quarter, or less of the wall.

Flowers for greenery backdrop

3. Scatter Flowers Throughout

Get a wild and natural feel with blossoms randomly placed throughout a greenery backdrop. Make the design look very tailored by placing each color and style of bloom with consideration or make it random for the most natural look. This style breaks up the greenery of the wall and can help get an overall even addition of color and texture throughout the entire wall.

The end result can be more of a full-flower wall if you use more flowers, or you can let the greenery peak through a few handfuls of blossoms for something simple, elegant, and greener.

4. Bunch in the Corners

Keep the florals minimal but add some color with arrangements in the corners. Choose a few different flowers that go well together in arrangements, or stick with one type of flower for a minimalist look that you can play up with the same color or shade of blooms. Blossoms in the top two corners tend to help draw guests’ eyes up, while flowers in every corner will add even more color. If you do decide to put flowers in every corner of your your DIY grass wall, be sure that it’s not going behind a table or another display that will obstruct the view.

Unique ideas for greenery backdrops

5. Spell Something Out

Arrange larger, rounded blossoms to shape letters and numbers that relate to the event — for example, a newly married couple’s initials for a wedding, the upcoming year for a New Year’s celebration, or a relevant word or phrase spelled out in flowers all make a show-stopping touch. Create the flower letters separately to get them just right before they go on the wall or arrange flowers on the wall itself to spell out whatever you like.

6. Create a Gradient

If you have multiple colors of flowers to feature in a greenery wall, consider arranging them by color. Start at the bottom of the wall with white flowers, then work up to cream blossoms, then pastel pink, a darker pink, and red if those colors suit your theme. Swap those shades for ones that fit your color scheme and arrange them from light to dark, top to bottom, or however you like. The result is a high-end, breathtaking arrangement.

For something fun and colorful, use a rainbow of flowers if that suits the occasion, venue, and theme of the event. Cover most of the wall or arrange the flowers into arching rows by color to create a literal floral rainbow.

Blocks of flowers for greenery walls

7. Use Blocks of Flowers

Silk flowers sometimes come in blocks or mats like greenery, making a convenient way to add an impressive amount of blooms to a display. Add something like a white hydrangea block into your backdrop design for a refined look. Use the floral blocks in the center with a greenery mat border, alternate the flowers and greenery for a checkerboard design, or get creative with other layouts. You might also consider using other types and colors of blooms to enhance the look of a floral block, added in as if the block was a greenery mat.

Other Decor to Add to a DIY Faux Hedge Wall

Decor ideas to add to a greenery walls

With your backdrops together, you may wonder how to decorate your grass walls. Florals and greenery make for a classic backdrop, but depending on the theme of your event, you may want to add other decorative touches. Nestle these decor items among the greenery, or use floral wire or other ways to attach them to keep them secure:

Take inspiration from the venue and event to decide which accents are best for your faux greenery wall. And of course, you don’t need to add anything if you think the pure greenery or florals and greens look best on their own – simple can still be impactful!

How to use a greenery wall backdrop

How to Use a Greenery Wall as an Event or Wedding Backdrop

Now that you know how to make a faux boxwood hedge wall for a backdrop, you may wonder how you can use it! Where you should place the backdrop depends on the venue layout, event, and purpose of the wall. Whether you have a greenery backdrop for a wedding or other event, consider using it:

    • Against a blank wall to create a feature.
  • In an area designated for a photo booth.
  • Behind the guest of honor’s table.
  • To add an outdoor element inside for any event.

It’s worth knowing how to make a boxwood backdrop, especially if you plan to use artificial greenery for multiple events to come. Knowing how to create a boxwood hedge wall for a wedding, in particular, will help you add a trendy decor element to a marriage celebration or ceremony. Use a greenery backdrop for weddings as:

  • Part of the altar
  • A backdrop for the head table
  • A photo display of the couple’s past together
  • An escort card display

When you know how to make a greenery wall for a wedding or any other variety of events, you give your client or your guests a show-stopping decoration they’ll never forget. From the photos they take in front of it to the subtle natural touch it can add, a greenery backdrop wall is a must-have.

Products for a greenery wall

Create a Greenery Wall With Help From Jamali Garden

At Jamali Garden, you’ll find the greenery, florals, and other decorative elements you need to make a greenery flower wall that will have all your guests talking. Our silk flowers, faux greenery, and preserved options will create decor that’s unique, trendy, or classic. We even offer bulk buying options, perfect for large-scale greenery walls that need multiple mats, florals, and more to come together.

Browse our selection of greenery mats, silk flowers, other plants, and decorative items to find what will create the perfect greenery backdrop. Get inspired with us at Jamali Garden and stun your guests with the breathtaking result.