Bananas & Anthuriums

Summertime calls for summery floral designs, and we think this arrangement in our polished aluminum Tulip Vases is just perfect for summer. “Clusters of green bananas and Anthuriums become sculptural forms when juxtaposed against the flowing lines of the shapely vessels.” – Florists’ Review January 2010.

A modern arrangement of Anthuriums & green bananas
A modern arrangement of Anthuriums and green bananas.

In a past summer issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2011, Oscar Mora created these lovely arrangements and details for a summer wedding using our glass vases, that would work for a special event or dinner as well. Get guests into the tropical spirit by inviting them to pin dendrobium orchid blossoms onto their suits or dresses. Present the petals on trays with a dish of stick pins on a large anthurium leaf, at the entrance to your cocktail hour or reception. Two tall vases are lined with calathea leaves and filled with cattleya orchids and sago palm leaves. A smaller vessel of English garden roses, ranunculus, and a rich green anthurium leaf finishes the look. “Clear glass containers are ideal for showing off the natural beauty of these flowers,” says Mora.

A warm welcome for guests with orchid blooms
A warm welcome for guests with orchid blooms.

For the shining centerpiece below, all you need is one dominant plant, like these curled sago palm leaves, to define your space. In individual glass vases, roses, ranunculus, orchids, and a single spike of Asplenium ‘Crispy Wave,’ with its stiff, rippling edges, are placed among the fronds.

A sun-kissed centerpiece
A sun-kissed centerpiece.

We’ll finish with a recipe for a simple but striking look at home. This Good Housekeeping group dynamic uses a single flower repeated in different bottle vases. “A member of the mint family, aromatic bells of Ireland are prized for their sinuous stalks and distinctive funnel-shaped leaves, which surround tiny white blossoms. Emphasize their shapeliness and delicate coloring by adding single stems to empty… bottles”

Group dynamics
Group dynamics.