12 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

12 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

Knocking down a wall or two might seem like the obvious way to make a small room look bigger. However, with some design ideas in your back pocket, you can create the illusion of a larger space. Decorations and visual tricks are a great way to draw the eye and create a flow that will make a room appear bigger than it is.

From neutral hues to light fabrics, explore the various ways to make a room look and feel bigger.

8 Colors That Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Color plays a vital role in opening a space. Consider the following shades for your walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, and decor:

  1. 1. Stark white: Brighten up a space using crisp or stark white. White works especially well on walls with large windows that allow for natural light to flow through.
  2. 2. Neutral hues: Neutral tones such as light taupe and earthy ochre help lighten a space while adding a warm, intimate feel.
  3. 3. Cool gray: An alternative to stark white is cool gray. It brightens a space while creating a soft, calm feeling.
  4. 4. Sea green: This color is cool enough to lighten a space and warm enough to compliment warm earthy hues.
  5. 5. Navy blue: Even bold colors like navy blue can make a small space appear bigger, as it creates depth and adds a classic touch.
  6. 6. Charcoal: Rooms with minimal sunlight can appear bigger with charcoal or soft black accents. You might paint an accent wall or choose charcoal-colored floors.
  7. 7. Blush pink: This color pairs well with neutral hues and gives your room a soft and open feel.

12 Tips on How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Even small design choices can make a big change in creating a larger space. Consider the following design tips for making a small room appear larger.

1. Create a Strategic Layout

Before you paint your walls or buy new furniture, rework the room’s current layout. Move furniture away from the walls to make the space appear larger, and create a clear pathway by moving furniture away from the door to make entryways appear longer. You can also group large furniture on the side of the room to create negative space.

2. Declutter Your Home

Clear out the clutter to make a small room look bigger — too many items can fill a space, making it cramped and busy. Luckily, you don’t need to throw anything away. Use smart storage such as box shelves, built-in storage, or baskets to pack away items you do not use too often. You can also display accessories on rich brown wood and iron or metal trays to keep your belongings organized.

3. Paint Your Walls and Ceiling the Same Color

Create a harmonious space by painting your walls and ceiling the same color. For rooms with bright natural lights, use soft, neutral hues. Paint rooms with minimal light an intimate and moody shade of charcoal or taupe. Make sure to paint the trim the same color, too!

4. Choose the Right Scale Furniture

Small spaces do not equal small furniture. In fact, small furniture can often make your room feel even smaller. Instead, you’ll want to choose proportional furniture for your rooms. You can definitely incorporate large couches and chairs, just make sure they allow for movement around the room. Another handy trick is to match your furniture to your paint color to give the room an airy feel.

5. Use Reflective Surfaces

Use Reflective Surfaces

There are many ways of making a small room look bigger with mirrors or other reflective surfaces. You can hang a statement mirror on the wall, prop up a floor-length mirror, or add mirrored furniture around your bedroom and kitchen. Reflective surfaces allow light to bounce off the surface, creating a brighter open space.

6. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Turn one room into a flexible area and save space using multifunctional furniture. Beds with storage allow you to pack away clothes and linen without needing a separate dresser, while sleeper sofas transform your lounge into a bedroom in seconds. There are also ottomans that allow you to pack away books or other items that take up space in your small room.

7. Create Decor Focal Points

One of the best visual tricks for how to decorate a room to make it look bigger is using large, colorful decor to create a focal point. For example, one large painting looks excellent in a neutral-colored room.

8. Include Patterns in Your Design

Patterns add personality and create the illusion of an open space. Vertical stripes make the walls of a room look taller, while horizontal stripes can make a room look wider. If you aren’t ready to paint patterns on your walls, use patterned wallpaper on one wall to create a bold statement.

9. Add Floor-to-Ceiling Drapes and Curtains

Speaking of vertical lines, floor-length curtains and drapes can also make the walls look taller and the ceiling higher. Sheer curtains allow natural light to flow into your room, and neutral drapes create a soft, classic look.

10. Make Use of Natural Light or Light Fixtures

Have you ever noticed that rooms with big windows appear bigger? This is largely because they let in natural light, and light makes a room appear bigger! If you can’t install new windows in your room, you can add some light fixtures to brighten things up. Fixtures like rustic brass oil lamps or a modern glass lantern add both light and decor.

11. Use an Area Rug

Like small furniture, you might think that a small rug would make your room look bigger, but it can have the opposite effect. Choose a large area rug that brings the entire room together. The rug should not touch the walls, but it should take up most of the floor space. You can also layer furniture on top of the rug, as long as it’s not touching the wall!

12. Install Floating Shelves

Small spaces make it difficult to install cabinets or cupboards. To create extra storage when you don’t have room for cabinets, add floating shelves. Floating shelves offer storage space but complement an open layout because they take up less space. Remember not to pack too many items on your shelves or else they can come across as cluttered. Keep your floating shelves neat and organized to create a clean and tidy look.

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