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Overview of Bud Vases

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Tips for Creating Bud Vase Arrangements and Centerpieces

Bud Vase Arrangement Ideas


Overview of Bud Vases

You’re looking for a cost-efficient option for your wedding or event centerpieces; perhaps something delicate and understated, or something small yet gorgeous. Either way, you know you want to wow guests. The perfect addition to your centerpieces, in that case, is simply a bud vase. Whether you’re planning and decorating the event yourself or are hosting it, you’ll want to know more about these beautiful and versatile vases that will add pops of color throughout your venue. We’ve gathered some helpful information about bud vase arrangements along with some bud vase ideas and other useful tips.

If you’d like to create bud vase flower arrangements, it helps to know a bit about the decorative item. Once you understand what a bud vase is and why individuals use bud vases in their decorating, you’ll want to use them for a range of events and venues. You’ll also see what types of flowers to use in these displays and how to create versatile centerpieces with bud vases.

What Is a Bud Vase?

A bud vase is a small, often sleek vase that is meant to hold one flower stem. Think of it as a sort of miniature vase, since a bud vase serves the same purpose on a smaller scale. These vases were commonly used to hold a rosebud, hence the name. Today, you can still use a bud vase to display a single rose, but plenty of other flowers also look wonderful in this small option. Despite this container’s size, you can still add bits of greenery and other filler items to a bud vase arrangement, just on a smaller scale than you would use in a standard vase.

Why Use a Bud Vase?

Because a bud vase is smaller than other vase and centerpiece options, you may find that they are a more cost-effective choice. You’ll spend less on flowers to fill the vases and less on the vases themselves because they are smaller than standard vessels. If you have a mix of standard and bud vases, you can even use leftover flowers with stems that are too short or blooms that are too small to fill a large vase in your bud vase so that nothing goes to waste.

Bud vases also work well on tables of any size. Feature a delicate display on a small table or use a variety of vases to fill a long table. Guests will appreciate the beauty of bud vases and the fact that they’re easy to see over to hold conversations with other guests. You can then tie the decor throughout a venue space because bud vases can fit on plenty of other surfaces. From windowsills and mantels to other narrow surfaces, a bud vase will add a colorful floral touch that brightens any space.

Types of Bud Vases

Bud vases come in an array of materials, styles, colors and textures that you’d expect to see in other vases. Glass is common and among the most popular, but you’ll also find metal, ceramic, wood and other styles. Because of the variety, you can get aesthetics you’d expect with standard vases, such as:

  1. Classic Bud Vases: Etched mercury glass, glass, silver and other textured materials characterize classic decor, which you can find in certain styles of bud vases. Even smooth varieties work for classic aesthetics. Milk bottle and medicine bottle styles contribute toward classic centerpieces, often with a rustic flair.
  2. Modern Bud Vases: Sleek shapes and materials create modern bud vases. From square glass options to ball vases or round and rolling styles, these simple bud vases add a contemporary touch to help you achieve any modern theme.
  3. Unique Bud Vases: From fun shapes and other styles, there is an array of bud vases to choose from that have a unique flair. For a twist on the classic centerpiece or for an enchanting decoration in other areas, choose hanging bud vases. These vases come in various shapes, from slender tubes to whimsical light bulbs. Even bud vases in a traditional or contemporary style could give your venue a unique look because of their small size. 

    multiple bud vase options with different silk flowers


Of course, you can achieve plenty more styles than the three above with bud vases. Your options for bud vases are almost unlimited, but when you expand your search to what to put in a bud vase, you really have endless possibilities for styles, uses and more. View all of our bud vase options available online today! 


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To fill a bud vase, you need to know how to arrange flowers in a small vase and how many stems to use in a bud vase. The right number depends on the size of the flowers and the size of your vase, especially the opening since fewer flowers will fit into a narrow-mouth vessel. Try to stick with single-stem flowers for simple bud vase flower arrangements, or use bunches of small and subtle blooms for more texture. Some of the best flowers for bud vases include:

If the flower you want to use features leaves on its stem, you don’t have to add greenery, but it is an option. If you have a bud vase with a larger opening or you want more of a statement in your centerpiece, you could always add some filler and greenery. Add magnolia leaves for something classic or eucalyptus for a modern touch. You could even choose waterfall filler if you’d rather what’s in the bud vase to stand out rather than the container. If you don’t want to overwhelm the flowers in the vase, you could always add greenery around it with garland or a scattering of other leafy stems on the table.

While you could use a live bud vase arrangement, when doing so you’ll want to be mindful to make sure to fill the container with enough water for the stems but not too much that it creates a spill risk. In this case, an easier option may be silk flowers. Because a bud vase has flowers and greenery in a small space, you don’t want to use live, delicate blooms that could lose petals or leaves when added close together in a bud vase. Use silk flowers as a cost-effective option that you can reuse for other events. They give you just as much versatility as live types of flowers for bud vases with added benefits.

Whether they’re live or silk, the best flowers for bud vases are smaller options, but you also need to consider the theme of your event. Depending on what you put in and with a bud vase along with the style of container you choose, you can create a variety of styles, such as:

    • Vintage
    • Whimsical
    • Simple
    • Eclectic
    • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Chic

Base the style you go for on your personality, the venue or other decor, then choose filler accordingly. Roses are classic and romantic, hydrangea can add texture with a vintage feel and an orchid is modern and chic. You can also mix different types of flowers and greenery for a unique look, and of course, remember that the other decor you pair with the bud vase arrangement will also influence the overall style.


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When you have an idea of the style you need for a venue and what to put in a bud vase, it’s time to create fabulous arrangements and centerpieces. So how do you arrange flowers in a bud vase, and how do you make a centerpiece with your creation? There are a lot of possibilities, so consider some of these tips as you plan your decor:

  1. Tips for Creating Bud Vase Arrangements and Centerpieces

    1. Keep it simple: Simple vase arrangements feature the same type of flower and other similar details for straightforward decor. Use the same bud vases on a table and throughout the venue for a cohesive look. You’ll only have to worry about how to arrange flowers in a low vase once because you can copy the design in all the others.
    2. Mix and match: If you have larger tables, add other decor elements with bud vases to fill the space. Use different style bud vases, a larger vase, candles and candle holders, table runners, cloches or any decor that suits your theme for an eclectic look. You can also feature different flowers of similar colors throughout the venue to incorporate various textures.
    3. Trim the stems: Customize your flowers for a bud vase by trimming the stems, whether you have live or silk varieties. Some bud vases are tall enough to accommodate longer stems, but short vessels may look or be off-balanced by tall flowers and greenery.
    4. Leave the vase plain: Larger vases get a decorative touch from ribbons and other decor tied around them, but smaller vases can look stunning and sleek without extra touches. Show off the bud vase or use waterfall filler and flowers to add texture outside of the vase without adding extra decorative items.
    5. Decorate the vase: If you’d rather have extra decorations instead of simple decor, you could add thin ribbons or other touches to your small vases. Use strands of raffia for autumn-inspired or rustic looks, or add functional features like place cards with names or table numbers.

  1. Create something unique: While traditional bud vase flower arrangements feature stems of flowers sticking out of the vase, you could opt for a unique arrangement. Cut the stems to an inch or so and place a blossom in a wide-mouth bud vase. You could also use succulents or cacti in certain bud vase styles to create a lush, green terrarium for a subtle centerpiece.

Now that you have a better idea of how to make bud vase centerpieces, get creative with your bud vases. Combine the tips above for unique creations that suit a particular theme, and fill your venue with small yet stylish arrangements.

Bud Vase Arrangement Ideas

Still in need of some bud vase ideas? We have additional suggestions for various styles that you can achieve with a bud vase, the right blooms and some extras. Recreate the arrangement ideas below or switch out certain accents based on your preferences. Swap out the vase style for a hanging option if you need a whimsical feel or change the flower choice to a variety that suits your theme. Remember that bud vases are extremely versatile, and you can combine many styles into one centerpiece if that’s what you need for your event. These bud vase arrangement ideas focus on one particular style, but you can easily alter them.


Perhaps nothing is as classic as romantic roses. With a bud vase, you can create a cost-effective yet beautifully romantic centerpiece that features a single rose. You have many possibilities when choosing a bud vase to hold a rosebud, but one with a tall glass neck will show off a rose stem without needing extra filler or greenery. If you want greenery, scatter branches, leaves or garland around the bud vases. Add some candles for a soft, romantic glow.


For modern and simple bud vase arrangements, start with a square or rectangular bud vase. Choose smooth glass for a sleek, contemporary touch, and add a white orchid for a clean centerpiece. Include some modern lanterns with candles and place the decor on a sleek metal tray to define the centerpiece. Keep it minimalist or add some touches of greenery on the tray for a bit more texture.


You can’t go wrong with a sunflower bud vase arrangement for fall weddings or other events and venues that call for rustic decor. Include some texture with greenery like flowering dill in a milk bottle style bud vase for the ultimate country chic look. Tie ribbons in your color scheme around the bottles, use curly vines around the vases and place everything on a raffia runner to add texture and more rustic touches to your centerpiece.


A cylindrical crystal bud vase adds a bit of texture to a tropical idea. Feature a single bird of paradise stem for a pop of color or add a few to create a statement centerpiece. Include a single, large leaf with a tropical vibe to the vase or place a few on the table around the vase to enhance your centerpiece. Your tropical greenery possibilities include banana leaves, mini fan palm leaves, Monstera leaves and many more. Combine different leaves for an eclectic and tropical feel or stick with one variety to keep things simple.

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Now that you know the best flowers for bud vases and have some ideas, it’s time to create your centerpieces. If you have an upcoming wedding or another event you’re decorating for, choose versatile and cost-effective bud vases from us at Jamali Garden. We have modern styles, classic designs and everything in between that you’d need for your stunning centerpieces. Impress guests with our trendy, unique and tasteful decor that pairs perfectly with our vases.

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